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Welcome to Zipcode 49346

Gender Distribution in 49346:

The population of 49346 consists of 2264 men and 2317 women; that is, 49% of the population is male and 51% of the population is female.

Age Distribution in 49346:

The corresponding numbers of people in consecutive age groups, ranging from children under 5 years old to elderly people over 85 years old would present a picture of the fertility trends in an area. 49346 has the following age distribution. 270 babies and little children represents 6% of the population in the area.

272 kids in the age group 5-9 years make up 6% of the population in the locality. 291 boys and girls in the age group 10-14 years represent 6% of the population, 225 teenagers in the age group 15-19 years denote 5% of the population.

There are 201 persons in the age group 20-24 years forming 4%, 414 adults in the age group 25-34 years representing 9%, 560 people in the age group 35-44 denoting 12%, and 587 residents in the age group 45-54 years forming 13%, of the population in the locality.

Residents with ages between 55-59 years are 359 in number or 8% by percentage. 379 citizens between the ages of 60 and 64 years make up 8%, 662 senior citizens in the age group 65-74 make up 14%, and 302 elderly people between the ages of 75 and 84 form 7% of the entire community. And finally, 59 people or 1% over the age of 84 years make up the total number of people in zip code 49346 locality.

Breaking down the population using a slightly different mode of comparison, there are over 3607 people in 49346 area who are 18 years or older. Of these 1786 are men and 1821 are women. 3471 inhabitants of the area are 21 years old or older, as that represents the legal drinking age. There are 1270 senior citizens who are 62 years or older. Again, of these, 520 are men and 503 are women. A total of 1023 people over 65 years old reside in the area.

Racial Profile in 49346:

49346, is a region with diverse people from different ethnicities dwelling in relative peace and harmony. Caucasians or whites comprise of 4495 residents in the region, living alongside 15 African Americans or blacks, 18 American Indians and Alaskan natives, 6 Asians, 0 Asian Indians and 1 Chinese.

If you categorize the Asian population further, you would get 2 Filipinos, 1 Japanese, 2 Koreans, 0 Vietnamese, and 0 people who identify themselves as Other Asian.

Zip Code 49346 also consists of 1 Pacific Islanders and Native Hawaiians. A further breakdown of this category would give you 0 Native Hawaiians, 0 Guamanians or Chamorro, 0 Samoans, 1 residents considered as Other Pacific Islanders, and 8 inhabitants identified as Other Race.

Now to the Hispanics in the area. In 49346, there are approximately 48 Hispanics, of which 18 are from Mexico, 7 are from Puerto Rico, 0 are from Cuba, 23 are categorized as Other Hispanic or Latino, and 99% people having registered themselves as not of Hispanic or Latino descent.

Public Schools in Zip Code 49346:

There is 1 Public School listed in 49346. Click on a link below to see a full profile and description of Public School in 49346.

school Stanwood Elementary School 156 Front Street Stanwood Michigan 49346 (231) 823-2211

School Enrollment in 49346:

49346 is a locality where educational quality is maintained at a high rate. In the area, over 883 children over 3 years old attend regular school, from nursery school to graduate school, depending on their ages. 46 children in Zip Code 49346 go to nursery school or preschool, 51 kids attend kindergarten, and 475 boys and girls are enrolled in elementary school (from Grade 1 to Grade 8).

In the region we have 154 youngsters going to local high schools. Moving on to college, there are 157 students in the area who have enrolled in colleges, and that includes students enrolled in colleges, professional schools, universities, law schools, medical schools, and graduate schools.

Child Day Care in 49346:

There are 9 Child Day Care listed in 49346. Click on a link below to see a full profile and description of one of these Child Day Care in 49346.

Cindis Day Care 86 1st St Stanwood Michigan 49346 231-823-2955
Day Care 6695 150th Ave Stanwood Michigan 49346 231-823-2165
Mid Michigan Cmnty Action Agcy 156 Front St Stanwood Michigan 49346 231-823-2050

Junior Schools in Zip Code 49346:

There is 1 Junior School listed in 49346. Click on a link below to see a full profile and description of Junior School in 49346.

school Jd's Aviation Services 7334 Cessna Ln Stanwood Michigan 49346 (231) 972-5497

Education Level in 49346:

The area maintains a public record which states that there are 132 inhabitants there whose education level is lower than 9th grade. And about 277 people are classified as dropouts from high school, but these people have some education in between 9th grade and 12th grade.

Of people living in zip code 49346, 1154 have completed and graduated from high school, and 723 have enrolled themselves in and attended college but haven’t completed their courses.

Moving further, 250 residents have completed and obtained certificates of 2 year courses from universities or technical schools with associates’ degrees. In the locality, 438 people have a bachelor’s degree, and 247 residents have a masters degree or a Ph. D.

Technical schools in Zip Code 49346:

There is 1 Technical school listed in 49346. Click on a link below to see a full profile and description of Technical school in 49346.

school Jd's Aviation Services 7334 Cessna Ln Stanwood Michigan 49346 (231) 972-5497

Courts in 49346:

There is 1 Court listed in 49346. Click on a link below to see a full profile and description of Court in 49346.

Mecosta Township Hall P.o. Box 127 Stanwood Michigan 49346 231-796-8935

Golf Courses in 49346:

There are 2 Golf Courses listed in 49346. Click on a link below to see a full profile and description of one of these Golf Courses in 49346.

Canadian Lakes Country Club Pierce Rd Stanwood Canadian Lake Michigan 49346 231-972-8979
St. Ives Resort 9900 St. Ives Dr Stanwood Canadian Lake Michigan 49346 800-972-4837

Employment Agencies in 49346:

There is 1 Employment Agency listed in 49346. Click on a link below to see a full profile and description of Employment Agency in 49346.

Hickel & Hickel 10481 Mountain View Trl Stanwood Michigan 49346 231-972-3199

Post Offices in 49346:

There is 1 Post Office listed in 49346. Click on a link below to see a full profile and description of Post Office in 49346.

Us Post Office 7551 Northland Dr Stanwood Michigan 49346 231-823-2411

Dentists in 49346:

There is 1 Dentist listed in 49346. Click on a link below to see a full profile and description of Dentist in 49346.

Family Dentistry 8513 100th Ave Stanwood Michigan 49346 231-972-4100

Campgrounds in 49346:

There is 1 Campground listed in 49346. Click on a link below to see a full profile and description of Campground in 49346.

River Ridge Rv Resort 22265 8 Mile Road Stanwood Michigan 49346 231-823-8338

Ancestry Distribution in 49346:

The area which is within 49346, MICHIGAN, has 4735 total ancestries reported. Of these, the number of people of Arabian origin is 4. 15 people are of Czech descent – the Czechs are a Western Slavic race from Central Europe; 42 people are of Danish ancestry – the Danes are Scandinavians from Denmark; 290 people are of Dutch descent – the Dutch are the natives of The Netherlands; and 711 are of English ancestry – the English are the people of England.

The number of people of French descent, the French being the people of France, excluding those in the Basque region is 220; and the number of French Canadian inhabitants is 103. In the area 1209 residents are of German ancestry – the Germans are the native people of Central Europe who emerged into prominence during the Middle Ages; 31 inhabitants are of Greek or Hellenic descent – the native people of Greece; 20 people are of Hungarian descent – the Hungarians, also known as the Magyars, are the natives of Hungary; and 487 people are of Irish ancestry – the Irish are the original inhabitants of Ireland, an island that is part of the British Isles. The region has 130 people of Italian descent – the Italians are the people of Italy; 5 people of Lithuanian descent – the Lithuanians are the people of the Baltic nation of Lithuania; 56 residents of Norwegian ancestry – the Norwegians are Scandinavian people from Norway; 299 people of Polish descent – the Poles are the original inhabitants of Poland; and 0 residents of Portuguese descent – the Portuguese are the natives of the Iberian country of Portugal.

Of the rest of the people in the area, 14 people are of Russian ancestry – the Russians are the natives of the European country of Russia; 87 people are of Scotch-Irish descent – they, also known as the Ulster Scots, are the people of Ireland or Great Britain; 130 people are of Scottish descent – the Scots are the natives of Scotland, a country in the British Isles; and 16 people are of Slovak ancestry – the Slovaks belong to the Central European country of Slovakia which borders the Czech Republic and a number of other European countries.

There are 0 people of Sub-Saharan African origin who represent an ethnic group native to Sahara; 77 residents of Swedish descent – the Swedes are Scandinavians from Sweden.

Economy in 49346:

A normal statistical data of any city contain information about people classified on the base of their occupation. In the place where 49346 lives, that is the place with zip code 49346, there are 529 people holding Management, Professional, or related jobs. These jobs include bank managers, restaurant managers, teachers, real estate agents, insurance agents, and similar jobs. The jobs do not include service related occupations such as waiters, retail employees, gas station employees, and so on.

There are 224 people having service occupation in zip code 49346. The people who typically hold occupations are high school or college students in need of part time jobs, and senior citizens who require a job. 409 residents in zip code 49346 have Sales and Office Occupation. These consist of people working in car sales business, banks, local government, and similar organizations. They also include retail shop owners of the downtown area.

13 people in the area with zip code 49346 have Farming, Fishing, and Forestry Occupation. As the number shows, this occupation is not in abundance in the area. Also as these occupations are seasonal, a number of people in 49346 maintain an interest in the fields as a hobby.

The number of people who work in Construction, Extraction, and Maintenance Fields in zip code 49346 is 185. These jobs are managed by independent contractors, and in these fields, the people can serve most of the requirements of 49346. The only drawback is that there are no signs of any change in construction, extraction, and maintenance fields in the 49346 surrounding region.

A thriving industry in the area with zip code 49346 is Production, Transportation, and Material Moving Occupations. There are 335 people who have jobs in these fields in the region. As a lot of manpower is needed in these sectors, Production, Transportation, and Material Moving Industries are great sources of employment in 49346.

Employment by industry in 49346:

If you consider the distribution of people in area 49346, there are 64 residents working in Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting, and Mining industries. These fields include people who are occupied in farming, catching fish, cutting down trees in the forest, and rearing animals like cows, goats, pigs, and so on.

You will find that there are 159 people in the neighborhood of 49346 who work in the construction industry. These people are the architects, civil engineers, and workers employed in the construction of buildings and related structures.

329 residents living in zip code 49346 work in the manufacturing industry. These are small industry owners, FMCG producers, production managers, and workers running machines and employed in the manufacture of products.

Retail trade in 49346 is directly related to manufacturing industry in the city. The area has 170 inhabitants employed in retail trade. These people include wholesalers, distributors, retailers, store owners, sales persons, and delivery guys. Two other related industries, the Transportation and Warehousing Industry, and the Utilities Industry in the region have 81 residents working in them. This group works in running of public transport, safe storage of food and other items, and distribution of electricity, water, etc. to consumers.

25 inhabitants living in 49346 area serve in the Information Industry. These residents are involved in computing, telecommunications, broadcasting, and the Internet. The Finance, 49346 Insurance, 49346 Real Estate, and Rental and Leasing Industry employs 117 residents in the area. They work in things connected with banking and loans, insurance covers and claims, and buying, selling, and renting of immovable property.

If we look at Scientific, Management, Administrative, Waste Management, and other Professional Services industry, we have 74 people living in zip code 49346 who finds employment in these sectors. These residents are employers, employees, scientists and other workers involved in scientific research, general managers and project managers of different organizations, employees hired for administrative jobs, and blue collar workers who keep the area clean and free from human and industrial waste.

49346 has 405 residents who are employed in Education, Health, and Social Services Sector. Professors, teachers, lab assistants, doctors, nurses, and ward boys belong to this group. The people working in Social Services industry are mainly professionals working as consultants and assisting nongovernment and nonprofit organizations.

There are 116 inhabitants of 49346 working in Arts, Entertainment, Recreation, Accommodation and Food Services sector. The people constitute artists, entertainers, actors, physical trainers, and sports persons. This group also includes people who work in the hospitality and food industry – people who work in hotels, bed and breakfast facilities, and restaurants.

36 citizens in the area work in public administration. These people are the magistrates, MICHIGAN judges, 49346 attorneys, and other bureaucrats.

Commute in 49346:

How the inhabitants in 49346 area, zip code 49346, travel to and from their place of work is another criteria to be included in the statistical data of the area. 1245 people in the area, mainly those who live outside 49346 in a suburban area, commute by car alone. Of these, a lot of people travel alone because they do not live near any of their colleagues. As highway is the fastest way to get to their place of work when they are using a car, most people chose that route. And it’s not a good idea to pick up strangers on the highway. As a result of all these, most suburbans travel in their cars alone to and from their offices.

237 people in the region, zip code 49346, choose to car pool. This happens mainly when people live near their coworkers. Car pools help the residents to save on gas. It also makes their drive to their place of work more entertaining as they will have friends to drink coffee with and chat along during the ride.

Public transport in 49346 area is not as readily available as in many other places. This is evident in the low number of residents who utilizes public transport, only 18 people. Most people in the locality having cars of their own further contribute to the residents relying less on public transport. Public transport in 49346 is limited to transport services like vans owned by the city.

15 people in zip code 49346 walk to and from their place of work. This is common among residents who live close to their offices. For instance, if a secretary who worked in an insurance agency lived close to the agency, she would choose to walk to and from her home to her office. 11 residents in this area utilizes other means of commute to go to their offices. These means of transport include buses, school buses for their drivers, tractor trailers, and even skateboards.

There are 145 people in the neighborhood of 49346 who do not have to commute at all, as they worked at their homes. These people include babysitters, caterers, seamstresses, and so on. Some people choose to work at home because they want to stay home with their kids. As is shown from the data, there are a number of ways of commute where 49346 lives. You could use your own car, carpool, use public transport, use other means of transport, walk, or even work at your home.

Housing in 49346:

49346 lives in an area where there are total of 2778 housing units. The lovely homes and pleasant surroundings are one of the reasons that make the zip code 49346 area a very desirable place to live. If you are looking for a place with a population within this range in 49346, MICHIGAN, then the 2778 housing units in the area makes it an ideal place for you to move in.

Of the 2778 houses in the region, 1839 are classified as occupied housing units. This makes sure that if you move to 49346, MICHIGAN, you will have 1661 untenanted houses to choose from. The 1661 tenanted houses means that there is an established population who love to reside in the area, and the 939 unoccupied houses gives you a number of options to choose from.

If you are still looking for better news, here it is. 60% of the occupied houses in 49346 are inhabited by their owners. As you can see, this is a very high percentage. So if you consider renters as a possible problem, this is the place for you. Also the high number of owner occupied houses means more taxes for improvement of schools, roads, and other facilities in 49346, MICHIGAN, especially in the area.

There are only 178 renter occupied housing units in the area of residence of 49346 in 49346, MICHIGAN. So if you purchase a house in 49346, most of your neighbors will be people who own their homes. Renter occupied houses are typically apartments, guest houses, and houses let to people who are unable to secure a mortgage in 49346, MICHIGAN.

There are also other buildings in zip code locality that are categorized as renter occupied houses. Zip Code 49346, the area where 49346 resides, has 939 vacant housing units. This means that if you plan to move in the area, you will have 939 buildings to choose from. There a vacant housing units with 3 bed rooms or even larger, if you are looking for a big house. There are vacant buildings that are foreclosed homes in 49346, that you could get at a relatively cheaper price.

There are 817 housing units that are used occasionally or seasonally in the area of residence of 49346. Thus there are 817 buildings that you can rent for temporary or seasonal use. You can rent these houses for weeks or months, or in some cases, even over a year. If you are moving into the neighborhood temporarily or if you are likely to have lots of guests, these housing units can serve you well.

Family Services in 49346:

There are 2 Family Services listed in 49346. Click on a link below to see a full profile and description of one of these Family Services in 49346.

Habitat For Humanity 8520 100th Ave Stanwood Michigan 49346 231-972-2100
Mcosta County Youth 7575 8th St Stanwood Michigan 49346 231-972-4594

Structures in 49346:

There are 2751 structural units in the geographical region surrounding the place of residence of 49346 in 49346. These are a number of built house configurations in the area. 2339 of these units are classified as 1 unit detached structures - that is, these buildings stand by themselves and are not connected to any other buildings in the area.

15 of the total units in the area are 1 unit attached structures, which means that they are attached to one or more other buildings in the area. Of the total structural units in zip code 49346, 6 are 2 unit structures consisting of multi-family houses built on the same plot. There are 12 3 or 4 unit structures which are meant to be occupied by 3 or 4 families and built on the same tract of land. These units are usually triplexes or town houses, and often build on three levels.

0 structural unit in the area where 49346 lives are 5 to 9 unit structures, typically several apartments in a single building complex. There are 2 10 to 19 unit structures – that is, these complexes consists of 10 to 19 apartments in one building. There are 2 20 or more unit structures which are large building complexes having 20 or more apartments in a single building.

Out of the total 2751 structural units, 375 of them are mobile homes or trailers that will probably remain stationary at one place during their lifetime. To go further into the structural units in 49346, there are a number of boats, RV, vans, and other miscellaneous units. Boats are used by some people almost as a house during their holidays, and sometimes as a more permanent place to stay. They are usually anchored in a marina. RV serve a similar purpose as mobile homes, and like boats, are used as a place to stay during holidays or when traveling. But some people live in RV or vans on a more permanent basis.

Rooms in 49346:

To delve further into the houses and apartments in 49346, MICHIGAN, we could analyze the number of rooms in the housing units in the area. If you are planning to live in the area near 49346, the following breakdown of the residences could be of help to you. A survey was conducted in 49346 in the 2751 occupied buildings in the area to look into the number of rooms in these. There are 15 occupied units with only 1 room, 46 occupied units with 2 rooms, 97 occupied units with 3 rooms, 336 occupied units with 4 rooms, and 763 occupied units with 5 rooms, in each of the unit.

The number of buildings with one room is the lowest in the classification, and the number of buildings with 5 rooms is the highest. Furthermore, there are 624 units with 6 rooms, 414 units with 7 rooms, 256 units with 8 rooms, and 200 units with 9 or more rooms, in each unit in the area where 49346 resides.

Household Heating Type in 49346:

Now to analyze the heating type used in different households in 49346, MICHIGAN. The number of residents in 49346 who use utility gas for heating purposes in their homes is 971. A local company in the area provides utility gas to these households and services the gas lines regularly for safety purposes.

A total of 543 people in the locality use bottled tank gas or LP gas. As you can see, these people are more in number than those that use utility gas. These tanks are filled once a month and delivered to the residents. Surprisingly, only 96 inhabitants of the area where 49346 lives use electricity for their household heating.

Not surprisingly, fuel sources that are obsolete for use in household heating, such as fuel oil, kerosene etc. are not used in any of the houses in the area. Fuel oil is burned in furnaces or boilers and was a popular heating method of the past. However, 0 residents in the area still use coal or coke to keep their houses warm. Their homes still have coal burning furnaces that work to provide heat to their household.

124 of the residents in 49346 use wood as fuel for their household heating. They prefer wood as it is a clean burning bio-fuel, and can be used in fireplaces to provide warmth for the entire household. At the other end, 0 people who live in 49346, use the modern solar energy equipment for their household heating. And 0 of the residents in the city have well insulated homes that they do not use any fuel for heating their household.

Property Value in 49346:

If you want of find out more about the average value of property in 49346, the following data will give you the basic facts. Firstly, consider the fact that the total number of owner occupied houses is a steady number, 1124. Thus 1124 people own a home in 49346. The high percentage of owner occupied houses means that a large number of people in 49346 area own the house they live in. Now let’s analyze the property value in the area.

45 houses in the area were recorded as worth less than $50,000. This is because of the difference in criteria in this part of 49346, MICHIGAN. 318 houses in the area are listed as worth between $100,000 and $149,000. This figure was reached by considering the entire locality and the school district in the area.

There are around 218 homes recorded as worth between $150,000 and $199,000. These properties were listed so because of the larger area they encompass. Interestingly, 191 houses were listed within the range of $200,000 and $299,000, because no resident had registered properties that fall within this range.

25 properties in the area were listed as worth between $300,000 and $499,000. Information based on public sources points out that 2 houses were recorded as worth between $500,000 and $999,999. Finally, there are 0 million dollar homes in 49346. As the name implies these are properties worth more than $1,000,000.

Mortgage Status in 49346:

Another criterion for in the statistical study of the population of an area is mortgage status. For the area, zip code 49346, we consider the number of people who have mortgages or loans with real property as collateral, who don’t have mortgages, who pay rent as cash, and who don’t have to pay any cash for their rent.

687 residents in the area where 49346 lives have a mortgage. Of these, 2 people have a mortgage payment of under $300, 59 people have a mortgage payment between $300 and $499, and 163 people have a mortgage payment between $500 and $699. There are 227 people who have to pay mortgage in the range of $700 - $999. This forms the second largest group in the classification. There are 191 people paying mortgage in the range of $1,000 and $1,499.

44 people pay mortgage between $1,500 and $1,999, making it the largest group in the classification. And 12 people pay mortgage over $2000. In 49346, only 437 people do not have to pay any mortgage for their properties.

Mortgage Payment as Percentage of Income in 49346:

Now that we have looked into mortgages, it is time to consider mortgage payment in relation to the income of the people living near 49346 residence, that is, we’l look into the mortgage payment in terms of the percentage of income of the mortgagee.

In 49346, there are 597 residents who pay less than 15% of their income as mortgage. This is the highest group in all the categories. There are 178 residents who give up between 15% and 19% of their income as mortgage payment, and 130 people who pay between 20% and 24% of their income as mortgage.

57 people pay between 25% and 29% of their income as mortgage. This is the lowest group in all the categories. There are 38 people whose mortgage payment takes up 30% to 34% of their income, and 116 people whose mortgage payment takes up over 35% of their income.

Rent Status in 49346:

There are 164 people who live in renter occupied houses in the area, 49346. Of these 2 people pay rent of less than $200. 1 residents pay between $200 and $299 as rent in the area, making this the second highest category of people paying rent. There are 59 tenants who pay rent in amounts between $300 and $499.

54 people pay between $500 and $749 as rent. This is the highest category of people who pay rent. 13 residents pay between $750 and $999 as rent, 191 people pay between $1,000 and $1,499 as rent, and 0 tenants pay over $1,500 as rent.

Of the entire 164 people who live in rented houses in the area, only 31 people do not pay any cash as rent.

Rent Payment as Percentage of Income in 49346:

Given below is the statistical data of rent payment by the people living at 49346, MICHIGAN, as percentage values of their income. There are 30 tenants who pay less than 15% of their income as rent. This is the highest of all the related categories.

29 tenants pay between 15% and 19% of their income as rent, and 12 people pay between 20% and 24% of their income as rent. There are 10 residents who pay between 25% and 29% of their income as rent, making this the lowest of all related categories.

9 people pay between 30% and 34% of their income as rent, and 39 tenants pay over 35% of their income as rent.

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