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Welcome to Walker Valley, New York

Walker Valley Crime Rate

The Walker Valley crime rate is compiled by the F.B.I. on a yearly basis and is measured by the number of murders, violent crimes, nonnegligent manslaughter, law enforcement agencies and property crimes. Violent crimes in Walker Valley is rated a 2 and includes any crimes involving threat or force such as robbery, nonnegligent manslaughter, and aggravated assault, forcible rape and murder. Walker Valley property crimes is also compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigations and is rated a 2 and includes larceny, car theft, property arson, money theft and other crimes that do not involve force or threat to the victim.

Political Distribution in Walker Valley:

In Walker Valley the political allocation consists of 37.590% Republicans, 60.710% Democrats, and 1.706% Independents. The oldest political party in the US is the Republican Party. It is renowned for having the most powerful conventional ideals and belief. The Republican Party was made on anti-slavery ideology and the politics of this party is considered to be revolving around the center right. In the US politics, the Republican Party, also called as the Grand Old Party is considered to be the one of the big two.

Another political party, The Democratic Party, is the other most important party which is placed in the center left as per its ideals and beliefs. The Democratic Party is not only one of the pioneers in the political scenario in the US but also in the whole word.

The parties that are independent have always been a part in the political state of affairs of the US and are well integrated with the American political system. These parties such as the Nationalist Socialist movement, The Green Party, The Boston Tea Party, The Independent Party and the American Party are relatively diverse in terms of their notions, beliefs and ideals.

Religious Distribution in Walker Valley:

48.72% religious distributions exist in Walker Valley. 0.14% Number of citizens that were identified with a religious denomination were followers of Islam. The followers of Islam are called Muslims and they put their faith in one omnipotent God, who is called Allah. God’s direct word is believed to be in the form of the Holy Scripture named as Koran.

2.95% number of people residing in the above mentioned city were identified as the followers of Judaism. The followers of Judaism are known to be Jews and there ay of life is decided by the religious scrolls named as Tanaka and Talmud, which are said to be the prescribed way of life by God. According to them, there is only One God.

5.33% number of people associated themselves with the religion of Christian Other. These people belong to those forms of Christianity which are outside the typical and conventional Christian Churches. This includes fundamentalist Christians, i.e. people belonging to smaller churches whose views may be denser. Even though Christian believes in One God i.e. the father, the son and the holy spirit, they differ in the details of their belief and the content of their belief differs from one church group to another, which leads to fragmentation of Christian churches.

There were 0.25% Presbyterians where as 2.80% number of Methodists. Both are Christian churches however they have different roots, with the Presbyterian Church being founded in Scotland while the Methodist was formed by the English minister John Wesley. Even though they both share the common beliefs of Sovereignty of God but they differ in their way of showing the same to the world. Theses Churches are more conventional than the others.

The Church formed by German minister, Martin Luther, named as Lutherans, claimed 1.60% number of followers. The charismatic or evangelical beliefs of God, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit, belong to Pentecostals. In Walker Valley, 0.28% number of people were found to be believers of the Holy trinity; the three in one, Pentecostals. Another religious group of Episcopalians had 0.65% numbers of people while there were 0.24% number of Baptists. Baptists have a link with the ritual of Baptism. According to this ritual, be it infants, adolescents or adults, one has to believe in God and His power to save to be baptized. However, there are a variety of sub faiths that exists in different Churches around different areas, under the umbrella of the Baptist Church.

The Latter Day Saints, LDS, which is known as a renowned Church, consists of 0.09% followers. Mormon is the term used for those people who attend the LDS and this Church was founded by Joseph Smith. The conventional Church of the Protestant is followed by 0.00%.

Catholics with a number of 34.34% people belonged to the highest total in the religious distribution classification, in the area of Walker Valley. The world’s biggest denomination is made up of Catholics and their spiritual Patron is the Pope. This is considered to be the one of the earliest of the churches of Christianity in history.

Housing units being built in Walker Valley:

There is a range of housing units that have been constructed over a number of years in Walker Valley. The construction of these housing units was done from before the period of 1939 until 2005. In the period of 1939 or so, 20.99% of the housing units were formed. In all the years, this time period was the one when the largest percentages of housing units were built. However, after this period, the number of houses that were built started to diminish.

In the years 1940 and 1949, 2.21% number of houses were constructed. Also, the 16.02% number of houses was formed in the years ranging from 1950 and 1959. This percentage was lowered down to a sum of 9.12% housing units created in the years 1960 to 1969.

However, in 1970 to 1979 there was a slight increase to 15.19% followed by a larger rise of 18.51% in the time period of 1980 and 1989. This increase in numbers persisted in the time period of 1990 to 1994 making a total of 0.00% development in housing units, till it reached the peak since 1939.

However, there was again a huge reduction in the numbers of housing units in the time frame of 1995 to 1998. In this period only 0.00% units were built in Walker Valley. Moreover, there was an additional decline of 17.96% housing units constructed between 1999 and 2000.

Percentage of Homes with Values by Walker Valley:

There are housing units with diverse values contained in Walker Valley. The sum of 0.00% of the housing units is of the value of less than $20,000 dollars. The category in which the range of $20,000 to $39.999 house value falls consists of a total of 0.00%. The grouping of housing with the utmost numbers at that value range is the $40,000 to $59,000 with 0.00%. The range of $60,000 to $79,999 is the second uppermost value range with 0.00%.

Followed by the $80,000 to $99,999 range that lessens down to 0.00%. The subsequent group of 10.47% housing units have a somewhat greater proportion with the value ranging between $100,000 to $149,000. Since, the value of the houses increase in last category, it is not astonishing that the total percentage in Walker Valley lessens down. $150,000 and $199,999 is the range where 21.71% of houses are priced where as only 32.95% house units are priced between the range of $200,000 and $299,999 dollars.

Moreover, there is a minor raise in the next group with 23.26% prized between $300,000 and $399,999. 7.36% is the sum of the value of constructions that lie between $400,000 and $499,000.

Lastly, 0.00% units are valued at $1,000,000 or above and only 2.33% have a price of $500,000 and $749,999.

Golf Courses in Walker Valley:

There are 2 Golf Courses listed in Walker Valley. Click on a link below to see a full profile and description of one of these Golf Courses in Walker Valley.

Walker Valley Golf Club Route 52 Walker Valley New York 12588 914-744-2714
Walker Valley Golf Club Route 52 Walker Valley New York 12588 914-744-2714

Post Offices in Walker Valley:

There are 2 Post Offices listed in Walker Valley. Click on a link below to see a full profile and description of one of these Post Offices in Walker Valley.

Us Post Office P.o. Box 9998 Walker Valley New York 12588
Us Post Office 3619 Route 52 Walker Valley New York 12588 845-744-2722

Walker Valley Population

Welcome to Walker Valley, New York which has a population density of 411 and represents the total number of residents or people per square mile of area that have similar characteristics such as age, ethnicity or gender. Since 2000, Walker Valley has changed 12.29% and has a median age of 37.1 which represents the age that separates the population into 2 distinct groups, half younger and hold older which overalls sums the age distribution of people within this part of New York.

Walker Valley singles population is 37.03% with 48.00% Walker Valley women and 52.00% are Walker Valley City men.

Walker Valley Environment

Walker Valley in the state of New York has an air quality index of 97 which is based upon yearly reports compiled by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency also known as the EPA. The air quality in Walker Valley, is measured by an air quality mesurement station and measures the condition or quality of air and pollutants and based upon relative conditions needed for healthy breathing. The higher the index value, the better the quality of air residents of Walker Valley will have. Depending on the number of ozone alert days, the EPA can assertain the amount of pollutants in the air such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, particulates, lea and volatile organic chemicals.

Water quality in Walker Valley is 52 and like air, represents the quality of New York's water supply based upon the following 15 indicators, fish consumption advisories, wetland loss, urban runoff potential, estuarine pollution susceptibility, conventional pollutant loads above permitted limits, population change, contaminated sediments, agricultural runoff potential, toxics, conventional pollutants
source water for drinking water systems, designated use support, wetland and aquatic species at risk, toxic pollutant loads above permitted limits, hydrologic modification created by dams in this part of New York.

Walker Valley has a superfund site index of 30 which represents a sum total of all the superfund polution sites in the county and includes money spent on all clean up programs. New York's superfund is an initiative funded by the federal government to clean up hazardous and uncontrolled toxic wastelands in Walker Valley and other surrounding cities to protect the health of all citizens of the United States.

Walker Valley Job Market

The job market in Walker Valley is based on the overall unemployment rate, recent job growth and future job growth in New York. Currently, the unemployment rate in Walker Valley City is approximately 7.70% which represents a percentage of the available work force that is not working and is estimated by dividing the number of residents who are employed by all the residents currently counted in the entire labour pool of Walker Valley. Recent Job Growth estimates show that Walker Valley is -2.46% which represents an increase or decrease in the number of jobs available in this part of New York over a 1 year time-frame. Over the next 10 years, Walker Valley City Future Job Growth is projected to have a change of 27.38% based on the economy's ability to create new services and goods, patterns of migration and various other factors such as demand and expansion of technology, energy and gas, and health care industry in New York.

Overall, Walker Valley has 11.48% of the residents working in the Business, financial operations and management industry with 13.11% percent in the service business such as advertising, public services, healthcare, marketing, entertainment, real estate and various other service industries in New York. Forestry, Fishing and Farming in Walker Valley comprises 0.00% and 17.33% in the maintenance, construction and extraction industry which includes mining, natural resources and gas extraction. Walker Valley professional and related occupations account for 18.27% which includes engineering technicians, medial scientists, computer systems analysts, physicists and astronomers, Walker Valley ?lawyers, health educators, media and communications professionals, health diagnosing and treating and Walker Valley doctors which currently there about 501.3 Walker Valley physicians per 100,000 people?. Material moving, production and Transportation in Walker Valley measures at 7.73% of the population and 32.08% representing jobs in Walker Valley in the sales and office industry which consists of retail, office equipment, point-of-sale and sales management positions in Walker Valley, New York.

In Walker Valley, the average number of minutes a resident travels to work for a one-way commute is 35.7 minutes with 85.99% of those drivers are actually driving to work alone and 5.80% are sharing transportation by carpool. It is estimated that 10.15% of Walker Valley residents commute to work is less than 15 minutes, 35.64% between 15 and 29 minutes and 30.94% commute between 30 and 44 minutes. The remaining commuters who travel by light rail, subway, ferry, bus or mass transit is about 4.11%. Residents of Walker Valley who work at home represents 2.42% of the overall population.

Walker Valley Housing Market

Home appreciation in Walker Valley is approximately -3.33% with negative percentages representing a decline. The percentage of vacant homes meaning unoccupied homes, apartments, mobile homes and rooms occupied as separate quarters is about 12.98%. The average home value in Walker Valley is $234,530 which is not the average price but the median price which is calculated by sorting all home values from the lowest value to the highest value and selecting the middle value because the median value is not affected as much by lower priced homes in New York. The average home age in Walker Valley is estimated to be around 37 years old with 71.27% of all homes are actually owned and includes mobile homes, apartments, separate living quarters and occupied rooms. Overall, 15.75% are Walker Valley homes, apartments and mobile homes for rent.

Walker Valley Weather and Climate

Walker Valley receives about 45.5 inches in rainfal and 47 inches in snowfall per year with 112 days of precipitation and an average of 177 sunny days which are days that are predominantly sunny. The average highest temperature in July is 85 degrees Fahrenheit and the average lowest temperature in January is 17.7 degrees Fahrenheit.

Walker Valley has an elevation of 344 feet and a comfort index of 53 which represents a measure of comfort or discomfort based upon atmospheric conditions such as humidity and temperature ranges in New York.

The ultraviolet or UV index in Walker Valley is rated 3.6 which indicates this part of 's exposure to the sun's ultravoilent rays and represents a combination of latitude, altitude and sunny days.

Walker Valley Education

Walker Valley in New York spends about $13,151 per student for its school expenditure and has approximately 13.2 students per teacher, 354 students per librarian and 443 students per counselor. Overall, 14.31% of Walker Valley residents and over the age of 25 are 2 year college graduates with an associates degree or 2-year college degree from a Walker Valley community college. Furthermore, over 85.88% of Walker Valley population over the age of 25 have a high school diploma or high school general education degree other wise known as a GED.

The percentage of residents over 25 living in Walker Valley with a 4 year college degree is 12.75%

Walker Valley Cost of Living

The cost of living in Walker Valley is approximately 117 which represents the cost of managing a comfortable standard of living and is calculated by comparing the cost of services and goods such as housing, utilities, health care, transportation, food and groceries, transportation and a variety of other expenses such as local and state taxes, clothing and entertainment. The average cost of groceries and food excluding restaurants is 107.

A resident of Walker Valley can expect to pay an average of 127 for electricity, heating, air conditioning and natural gas. Other miscellaneous costs such as repairs, entertainment, restaurants and other services is about 111 in this part of New York.

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