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Area Code 530

Total Area: 25046.83 sq. miles
Land Area: 24784.57 sq. miles
Water Area: 262.26 sq. miles

Area Code 530 Zip Codes

Area Code 530 Zip Codes:
95527 95546 95556 95563 95568 95573 95602 95603
95604 95606 95613 95614 95616 95617 95618 95619
95623 95627 95631 95633 95634 95635 95636 95637
95645 95651 95653 95659 95664 95667 95672 95674
95676 95678 95679 95681 95682 95684 95692 95694
95695 95697 95698 95701 95703 95709 95712 95713
95714 95717 95720 95722 95724 95726 95728 95735
95736 95776 95816 95818 95833 95901 95903 95910
95912 95913 95914 95916 95917 95918 95919 95920
95922 95923 95924 95925 95926 95927 95928 95929
95930 95932 95934 95935 95936 95937 95938 95939
95941 95942 95943 95944 95945 95946 95947 95948
95949 95950 95951 95953 95954 95955 95956 95957
95958 95959 95960 95961 95962 95963 95965 95966
95967 95968 95969 95970 95971 95972 95973 95974
95975 95976 95977 95978 95979 95981 95982 95983
95984 95986 95987 95988 95991 95992 95993 96001
96002 96003 96006 96007 96008 96009 96010 96011
96013 96014 96015 96016 96017 96019 96020 96021
96022 96023 96024 96025 96027 96028 96029 96031
96032 96033 96034 96035 96037 96038 96039 96040
96041 96044 96046 96047 96048 96049 96050 96051
96052 96054 96055 96056 96057 96058 96059 96062
96063 96064 96065 96067 96068 96069 96071 96073
96074 96076 96078 96079 96080 96084 96085 96086
96087 96088 96089 96090 96091 96092 96093 96094
96095 96096 96097 96099 96101 96103 96104 96105
96106 96107 96108 96109 96110 96111 96112 96113
96114 96115 96116 96117 96118 96119 96120 96121
96122 96123 96124 96125 96126 96127 96128 96129
96130 96132 96133 96134 96135 96137 96140 96141
96142 96143 96145 96146 96148 96150 96151 96152
96154 96155 96156 96157 96158 96160 96161 96162

Gender Distribution in area code 530:

In this area code 530, there are approximately 627756 men or 50% males and approximately 640015 women which represents 50% females in the general population.

Age Distribution in area code 530:

In area code 530, age distribution is used to represent the approximate number of residents who fall within successive age groups, sorted in groups ranging from under 5 years old to over 85 years old. This information is used to estimate the fertility trends in this area of area code 530.

To cite an example: all the full time residents in area code 530 region are broken down into the following age divisions. 76028 are infants and small children below age 5 which would represent approximately 6% of area code 530 population, 89402 are children between the ages of 5-9 or 7%, 97112 are middle school aged children of 10-14 years old or 8%, 99753 are older children between the ages of 15-19 years old, 88827 are young adults aged 20 to 24 years old, 151215 are adults aged 25-34 years, 191294 are between the ages of 35-44 or 15% of area code 530 population, 183353 are aged 45-54 years, 64786 are middle aged residents ranging from 55 to 59 years old, 52358 are seniors in the 60-64 years old age bracket, 89884 are seniors aged 65-74, 63107 are elderly people in the 75-84 age bracket and only 20652 are older than age 84 years in code area code 530.

These figures indicate that 946664 of fellow residents are adults aged 18 years or older with 461950 being men and 484714 of them are women. This includes 885335 residents over the legal drinking age of 21. Seniors aged 62 years and older represent 203906 residents with 76152 senior men over 65 and 97491 senior women over the age of 65.

There are a total of 173643 senior citizens over 65 years of age residing in this location on a permanent basis.

Racial Profile in area code 530:

Area code 530 is and area with a variety of ethnic cultures and racial backgrounds, including 1032291 full time residents who are white or Caucasian, roughly 22080 African Americans or Black residents, 26484 American Indian and Alaska Native, 52152 Asian people, 11379 Asian Indian and 11242 Chinese residents.

The remaining Asian population in area code 530 or this part of area code 530, area code 530 is broken down into the following racial demographics: 6590 Filipino, 4833 Japanese, 2310 Korean, 2440 Vietnamese and 13358 residents considered Other Asian. The Pacific Islander and Native Hawaiian population of the area is represented by 2317 residents, with 650 Native Hawaiians, 404 Guamanian or Chamorro, 346 Samoan, 917 Other Pacific Islander and 83326 residents who have classified themselves as belonging to Other Race.

The Hispanic and Latin American population of the area surrounding area code 530 is roughly 172959 with 140754 of them being Mexican immigrants, 2843 Puerto Rican immigrants, 831 Cuban immigrants, 28531 residents from Other Hispanic or Latino background and 1094812 residents or 86% of this population claiming Not Hispanic or of Latino decent.

School Enrollment in area code 530:

In the area code 530, over 376067 residents aged 3 years old and up are reportedly enrolled as full time students, ranging from nursery school to graduate school. The numbers breakdown as follows: 18249 young children are enrolled in nursery school or preschool, 18130 children are in kindergarten and 151904 students attend elementary or middle school classes.

High school (grades and 9-12) and college aged students, including college, professional school, university, law school and medical school, consist of 81366 teenagers attending local high schools and 106418 adults attending in college or graduate school classrooms.

In the area code 530, there are 51182 local residents with a 9th grade or lower education according to available records. Roughly 90675 of these full time residents have dropped out of high school but have had some level of educational training from 9th grade to 12th grade. More than 200614 of people in this area code are successful high school graduates and at least 227198 of these individuals have some college level education but have never finished or obtained a degree.

Within the local demographic tables, 68501 residents of area code 530 have graduated from a 2 year university or technical school with an associate’s degree, 117462 have successfully met the requirements to receive a bachelor’s degree and 62747 residents have completed graduate school and received the masters or Ph.D, degree in at least one field of study.

Ancestry Distribution in area code 530:

Area code 530 is a region with 1379308 total ancestries reported. Within area code 530, the current ancestry distribution includes approximately 3148 residents of Arab decent, 6310 Czech people or Central European western Slavic people, 12990 Danish people or Danes from Denmark, 25647 Dutch residents with ancestry in the Netherlands, 165092 English residents with ancestral ties to England, 46469 residents with French origins excluding the Basque population, 8253 French Canadian residents and 203580 residents of German decent.

The rich ancestral community also includes: 4415 Greek or Hellenes residents with ancestral ties to Greece, Cyprus and surrounding regions, 4709 Hungarians or Magyars, 158404 Irish residents, 66510 Italians, 1572 residents of Lithuanian origin, 28605 Norwegian residents, 18050 Polish individuals, 20734 Portuguese residents, 9410 Russian residents, 26535 Scotch-Irish,or Ulster Scots’ residents, 33736 Scottish residents, 905 Slovak residents with ancestry in the Ukraine, Hungary, Czech Republic and Austria, 2184 people of Sub-Saharan African ancestry and 29318 Swedes.

Economy in area code 530:

The occupation demographic description for area code 530 is typical of most cities. Management, Professional and Related Occupations are held by 181998 residents in the area code 530 and include professions, such as bank managers, restaurant managers, teachers, real estate agents, and insurance agents. The demographic figures for Management, Professional, And Related Occupations does not include service occupations.

Service occupations, such as waiters and retail employees, are given their own category in the economic demographic breakdown. There are currently 95512 service occupations currently held in the area code 530 by individuals working at gas stations, grocery stores and other places where they would assist customers with making a purchase. These occupations are usually held by students who are working part time jobs while they are completing their education while some are also held by senior citizens who need a part time employment.

Sales And office Occupations current make up 137448 professional positions in the area code 530 and include occupations in the automotive sales, retail sales and banking industries as well as the local area code 530 government.

Farming, Fishing, And Forestry Occupations are usually seasonal, outdoor employment opportunities. As such, these jobs are not as plentiful in the area code 530 are and there are currently only 12732 residents who hold jobs in these fields. While this job type is seasonal, many area code 530 residents perform these occupations as a hobby.

Construction, Mining And Maintenance Occupations provides employment for 53254 residents of area code 530 . As most of these jobs are handled by independent contractors, residents with jobs in this field provide services to much of the area code 530 community.

Production, Transportation, And Material Moving Occupations continue to flourish in the area code 530 region. As such, 61320 residents are currently employed in various Production, Transportation, And Material Moving Occupations. The need for individuals in these fields is expected to rise and the Production, Transportation, And Material Moving industry should continue to be a great source of employment in area code 530.

Employment by Industry in area code 530:

In area code 530, the employment demographics can also be broken down by industry. Individual industries account for specific numbers of jobs in the area and the current numbers include: 23938 people in the Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting and Mining industries ( including those employees engaged in farming, fishing, logging or operation of feedlots in area code 530.

41036 people work in the construction industry (including professional architects, civil engineers and laborers responsible for designing and building offices, stores and homes in the area code 530.), 40258 residents of area code are employed in the Manufacturing industry (including small industry owners, FMCG producers, production managers and laborers.), 65671 residents of 530 are employed in Retail trade (working as wholesalers, distributors, store owners and employees.), 25127 workers serve in the Transportation and Warehousing, and Utilities industry (An industry responsible for public transportation, storage of goods and the provision of utility services to the community.), 12869 workers are employed in the Information industry (With services related to computing, telecommunications, broadcasting and internet.), 30042 personnel are dedicated to working in the Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Rental and Leasing industry, 46563 residents of the area code 530 area are involved in industry as Professional, Scientific, Management, Administrative, and Waste Management Services workers (including employers and employees, scientists, researchers, general and project managers of various organizations, administrative workers and blue collar employees.

123117 people are actively employed in the area code 530 Educational, Health and Social Services industry (including professors, teachers, lab assistants, doctors, nurses, consultants and those employed to provide assistance to non-government and non-profit organizations. 51848 residents of the area code 530 are employed in the Arts, Entertainment, Recreation, Accommodation and Food Services industry (including artists, entertainers, actors, physical trainers and sports personalities.) Some of these workers are also involved in the operation of area code 530 hotels, bed and breakfast facility and restaurants.

28174 people, who live in the area code 530 are employed in other service industries such as law enforcement, military personnel. 37471 individuals work in Public Administration as magistrates, area code 530 judges, area code 530 attorneys and local or state level politicians. According to area code 530 records, a few individuals also work as self-employed individuals doing small jobs or are unemployed.

Commute in area code 530:

In area code 530, local residents have found many ways to get where they are going on a daily basis. There are 396062 residents that travel only by automobile and these residents are primarily those who live in suburban areas of area code 530 or because they do not live in close proximity to their coworkers.

In the area code 530, 70646 people actively participate in a carpool to save on gas and maintenance expenses. Many people who carpool area code 530 also cite human interaction as a reason for the carpool because they can also drink coffee and chat about work while traveling to their destination. A relatively small number of individuals, 8588 workers in the area code 530, make use of public transportation. Public transport availability is extremely limited in the area code 530 and is primarily limited to public transport services, such as taxi cabs, buses, or van lines owned by area code 530.

16686 residents in the area code 530, walk to work on a regular basis. People who walk to work often live in the downtown region of area code 530, close to their business or place of employment. This decision to commute via walking may be based on environmental impact, health concerns, fuel prices or lack of alternative modes of transportation.

14670 residents, living in area code 530 claim to use other means of transportation to get to work. Examples of these alternative could include school bus drivers that use the bus to get to work in area code 530, tractor trailers and skateboards or bicycles. 26517 residents do not use transportation of any kind to get to work. Instead, these people area code 530 telecommute or work from home. These individuals include babysitters, caterers, and seamstresses. There are many unique ways to commute to work area code 530. You can take your car alone, carpool, use public transport, use other means, have worked at home, or simply have walked when you're visiting area code 530 to find employment.

Housing in area code 530:

There are a total of 551241 homes in area code 530. This includes many types of beautiful houses and condominiums, which make the area code 530 a very attractive location for those seeking to relocate into the community. The 551241 Total Housing Units gives a fair perspective on the size of area code 530.

Occupied Housing Units in the area code 530 are recorded as 485215. When compared to the total number of homes available, the Occupied Housing Units rate means that housing is available for you and also signifies that there is an established population currently living in area code 530. For those seeking to move into a home in the area code 530, it is important to realize that the percentage of Owner-occupied Housing Units is at 56%. Many communities shy away from rental properties due to the problems causes by non-owners occupying a property. The fact that Owner-occupied Housing Units is at a high percentage signifies a solid community where taxes are paid by the public to cover the costs of improving schools and roads in the area code 530.

Renter-occupied Housing Units are currently stable at just 177920, meaning that people often own their own homes in the area code 530. Renter-occupied Housing Units largely consist of apartments or properties being rented to families who cannot secure a mortgage in the area code 530. Renter-occupied Housing Units may also include guest homes or other types of property in the area code.

Vacant Housing Units comprise only 66026 of the total housing units available in the area code 530, which mean there are a limited number of properties available for someone wishing to purchase a home in the area code 530 area. Vacant Housing Units are often 3 bedroom or larger homes and may even include foreclosed homes in area code 530, allowing home buyers the opportunity to find amazing bargains.

There are also 37364 homes available in the area that fall into the Seasonal Or Occasional Use category. For Seasonal Or Occasional Use categorization often means that you can rent or lease the home for a specific period of time throughout the year. These properties are usually rented on a weekly or monthly basis in the area code 530, which is a wonderful advantage for those planning temporary moves or who intend to have guests while visiting in the area code 530.

Structures in area code 530:

In the area code 530, there are a total of 551571 structure units currently available. These structural units include a wide variety of built house configurations. Of the total 551571 structures, 369270 are designated as 1 unit, detached, meaning the home stands by itself and is not attached to another building.

There are also 19544 attached structures in the area code 530, with individual units being attached to and supported by one or more other units. Included in this area code are 12771 multi-family units, which means that the unit consists of 4 or more dwellings in the same plot of land. 25679 of these structures have 3 or 4 units with 3 family dwellings in the same plot of land, such as family triplexes or townhouses. These structures are usually built on three levels.

In this area, there are also a total of 19853 structures with 5 To 9 dwelling units, most often several apartments in just one building complex. In addition there are 11748 structures with 10 To 19 units. While there are 551571 total structures in the area, there are many mobile homes, which comprise 59818 of the total homes in the area code 530. Mobile homes have specialized construction, are prefabricated and can be used for traveling around. In the area code 530, however, most of the 59818 mobile homes or trailers are securely fastened to a foundation and are likely to remain in place throughout their useful lives.

There is another group of structures in the area code 530, consisting of boats, RV.s, vans and some other unknown structures. The designation of these structures as dwellings is often dependent upon their actual usage. Boats used for pleasure may not receive the dwelling designation but the same boat used as a permanent dwelling place when moored in a marina may be classified as a home. Recreational Vehicles, often called RV's, are similar to mobile homes and are often used as temporary dwelling places for holidays or travel. Vans are usually used for transportation, rather than as a dwelling. Both of these moving vehicle structures can be designated as dwellings when converted for long term use.

Household Heating Type in area code 530:

In the area code 530, roughly 213981 residents use utility gas, provided by the local gas company, to heat their homes. Bottled Tank or LP Gas is used by 75214 residents of the area code 530, with the bottled tank or LP Gas being refilled and delivered on a monthly basis. Only 107682 residents of area code 530, use electricity to heat their homes.

Outdated fuel energy sources, such as Fuel Oil, Kerosene, Etc. are a relatively non-existent area of the household heating fuel market in the area code 530 because the fuel oil is burned in a furnace or a boiler and does not see extensive use in most modern households. With that said, 54 reported residents use coal or coke to heat their homes. In some of the older homes of the area, coal burning furnaces are still in use, providing heat to the house. Wood is used by 65609 residents to provide heat. As a clean burning bio fuel, wood can be used to effectively provide heat to the entire house. As a result, many of the smaller homes in the area code 530 make use of a wood-burning fireplace with a blower insert to heat the home or provide a backup heat source in the event of power outages or spikes in fuel prices.

In a move towards modern renewable energy, 334 residents of the area code 530, have upgraded to solar energy. No other fuels are reported to be in use because 840 other residents reported that they used no fuel to heat their homes, citing adequate insulation.

Property Value in area code 530:

In 530, the average Property Value can be divided up as follows: Specified Owner-occupied Units are the specific number of homes in area code 530 which are occupied by the property owner. The current number of Specified Owner-occupied Units is 233473 which signifies that most people in the area code 530 own their own homes.

In the area code, approximately 4967 homes were listed with values of less than $50,000, based on specific criteria related to area code 530, area code 530 in particular. There are also 68408 homes valued at $100,000 To $149,000 based on the neighborhood and school district associated with area code 530. Approximately 48810 homes were valued at $150,000 To $199,000 based on the included acreage. At the time of this report, 41362 homes were valued at $200,000 To $299,999 because no one reported any homes within this range of value.

However, 17673 homes were listed at $300,000 To $499,999 and an additional 3587 homes were valued between $500,000 To $999,999. There are only 530 million dollar homes or mansions in the area code 530.

Mortgage Status in area code 530:

Many people living in area code 530 have mortgages or loans secured by real property, don’t have mortgages, pay cash rent or do not pay any cash towards their housing expenses. These figures are used to provide a demographic of the mortgage status for the area code 530. 170427 people currently have mortgages in this part of area code 530. Among those with current mortgages, 783 people have a monthly mortgage payment of $300 dollars and 41676 people have a monthly mortgage payment of between $300 and $499. 17033 people have a monthly mortgage payment of between $500 and $699 dollars.

The mortgage payment category with the second most common monthly payment is the $700 to $999 range, with a total of 40229 people making these monthly payments. There are a total of 60614 residents in the area code 530 who pay between $1000 and $1,499 per month and 28529 people paying between $1,500 and $1,999 on their monthly mortgage, which is incidentally the largest mortgage paying group in the area.

Only 15991 people have monthly mortgage payments exceeding $2,000 and a mere 63046 people do not have to pay any mortgage on their property in the area code 530.

Mortgage Payment as percentage of income in area code 530:

The distribution of mortgage payments within the area code 530 code can also be used to create a demographic scale to express the regions economic stability. The total number of individuals paying a given percentage of their income as mortgage payments can be explained as follows:
73004 people in this area pay less than 15 percent (<15%) of their income to mortgage payments; The majority of local borrowers fall into this category.

36283 people pay between 15 and 19 percent of their income on their mortgage payments. 32093 people pay between 20 and 24 percent of their income on their mortgage payments. Only 25261 pay between 25 and 29 percent of their income to mortgage payments, making this the category with the lowest percentage of members.

16931 people pay between 30 and 34 percent of their income to their mortgage payment. 48121 people pay 35 percent or more (>35%) of their income to their mortgage payments in the area code 530.

Rent Status in area code 530:

Rental status is a prime indicator of economic stability in an area. Out of 173667 people who reside in renter-occupied units, roughly 5469 people spend less than $200 per month in rent for housing in the area code 530. Approximately 7919 people make monthly rental payments between $200 and $299 dollars; the second highest category for renters in the area.

63377 people pay $500 To $749 for monthly housing costs on rental properties and 29519 people pay monthly rental expenses between $750 and $999. In the area code 530, 60614 people pay from $1,000 to $1,499 in rent and 2436 renters pay monthly housing expense which exceed $1,500.

Out of 173667 people who live in rental homes, only 9227 people in the area code 530 do not pay cash rent on a monthly basis.

Rent Payments as percentage of income in area code 530:

Distribution of rent payments as a percentage of income can be broken down within the area code 530 code in the following demographics:
25805 people in this area code pay less than 15 percent of their income to rent payments; this is the highest total of all the rent payment categories. There are a total of 22173 renters pay between 15 and 19 percent of their income towards their rent payment.

20585 people pay between 20 and 24 percent of their income towards their monthly rent. 18342 people fall in the category of paying just 25 to 29 percent of their income towards rent. 13679 people pay between 30 and 34 percent of their income for their monthly rental payment. 60740 people pay 35 percent or more of their income out in rental payments within the area code 530.

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